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9-11 Pentagon closeup photos

Trees, Branches, Cars, Column Bends, and Other Oddities

Below shows a closeup of a car in the rubble,
and tree branches where the left wing supposedly evaporated from intense heat.
I am also curious as to the large object just right of the car ?
Military coloring?
Is this part of an American airlines ( flight 77 ) ?
Or was it the trailer that was parked in front of the Pentagon ?

9 11 trailer that was parked
Keep an eye on tree branches near where the supposed aluminum burn, would have incinrerated the left wing.
Also the damaged fire truck, which was moved. The front of the truck says "FOAM UNIT"
why wasnt it being used to put out fires? it seems it was dissabled by the fire, but then how did it move around from place to place ?

september 11 9-11 fire truck pentagon

september 11 9 11 fire pentagon

Is this possibally a helicopter to the right of the fire, left of the generator ?
One report said a helicopter was HIT by the plane ?
Another report, said that a helicopter took off from the other side of the building, and landed here, then the witness heard an explosion.

tom horan photo pentagon from river house
The truck is backed up against the Pentagon wall.

9 11 pentagon fire trucks red

See Other Truck photos below. Notice the in the yellow circle it says "Foam Truck"
The fire truck is backed up against the Pentagon wall.

Pentagon rescue team sept 11

Pentagon rescue team truck pumping water

Remember the second frame of the CCTV cam (pentagon video)? How the "glow" or flames came through between the tower and the pentagon ?
Is the tree behind the tower in the way ?
Is the Fire truck shown below in the way ?

Notice the branches which were not totally burned, even though the plane was !
Where is the truck in relation to the 2 trees near the pentagon wall ?

Pentagon rescue damaged car

Truck below looks in good shape and pumping !

september 11 lets roll 911 pumping water

september 11 pentagon video

video frame faked

2 Trees
9/11 destruction trees

Truck is on left side of tree.
video frame truck pumping water or foam pentagon

Damaged truck, now below has moved and is pumping. ( water or foam) it says "foam truck" on the front in yellow letters!
Now truck is in between the trees.
video frame sept 11

Pentagon Analysis

Many of the vehicles and other debris were seen wandering around the yard.
The cars appear to have been moved, why ?

Was the cab that was hit by the falling light pole, was it moved ? Different views...
supporting that the cab at the pentagon may have been moved on september 11

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